Children's Travel Activity and Keepsake Books

Use the world as your classroom; keep travel meaningful and memorable, educational and fun.

Want to inspire your child about a place you're visiting together? Pass on your own passion for travel with these thoughtfully-prepared, educational and inspirational activity and keepsake books from our family travel brand, tinytourists.


From counting camembert and croissant activities in France, designing Ferrari activities in Italy, spotting the difference between the Spanish royal crowns, and measuring icicles on your Ski Trip, each full-colour activity book is jam-packed with puzzles and activities themed to each country, and age-appropriate to practice key skills your children will have been learning at school, while you are away.


Learn a bit of  local vocabularly too, a few child-friendly facts, and plenty of space for recording your own personal memories - written, stuck in, or drawn. Endorsed by educational professionals ; loved by kids.

France Activity Book
Spain Activity Book
Italy Activity Book
Greece Activity Book
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Tiny Tourists Lapland cover for website.
Lanzarote Activity Book
Tenerife Activity Book
Ski Activity Book
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